The founders of the company are, Sunita Chahar, an educated, health conscious home maker from agriculture farming cum business background family and Raja Brij Bhusan, an IT professional currently running his own IT company in the area of tiger surveillance project across national parks in India. Sampurn Organic started its operations since July 2014 and has its own farmland which is certified by Onecert Asia as per NPOP (India Organic) & NOP (USDA) organic certification standards.

The journey of Sampurn Organic started in year 2013 when Sunita bought rock salt of Rs. 65 per Kg. This salt was getting sold as Organic Himalayan Rock Salt by well-known Organic food company of that time.   At that time normal branded salt was costing Rs. 10 per kg only. Though this salt was 6.5 time costlier, Sunita came to know about organic food farmers in India. She started buying organic food from local farmers of Maharashtra. Since she is from farming background so started Organic farming for self-consumption of organic products in Bharatpur (Raj.).

In 2014 many families used to demand for organic products of our farm, so Sunita & Raja formed Sampurn Organic and started providing organic food products under the brand name of “Sampurn Organic”. Since that that certified organic food is made available to consumers in Delhi NCR through retailers and across India through online channel. Now traditional organic farming has been converted into a private limited company. Marketing platform is provided to many organic farmers by selling their product under Sampurn Organic brand.